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Volunteers and Sponsors

You will need to obtain a Police check or the equivalent of a criminal record bureau check from your local Police station for me to look at. This would be to verify that you have not had any criminal convictions against children. I have to request this from all volunteers to ensure the safety of the children who are in my care and the people I allow them to come into close contact with.

Can you please send an email for two of your referees so that I can ask them for their recommendations?

I can then confirm that I would be delighted to offer you a volunteer placement at the Divine Children's Home here in Kerala, S. India from ( insert period of placement from date/month/year to date/month/year)

Your hours of work should be flexible to meet the needs of the children, but would be approximately from six-thirty in the morning until nine am when most of the children go to school. There are only four pre-school children so you would have plenty of free time during the day to enjoy and then be back for four-thirty pm in the afternoon when the children return from school.

Your duties will consist of helping to wash and dress the children, and assisting them with reading and writing in English and possible basic Maths, which would serve to enhance their schooling. Also playing and encouraging the children in activities that stimulate their minds whilst having fun.

In spite of this constant need for donations/contributions, for we do not get any Government funding, this is a happy, busy and loving home full of the joy of young children and I look forward to welcoming you to DCH in person.

I have had previous volunteers here who have enjoyed their stay with us and tell me they have benefited enormously by working at the home. It has been a life changing experience for them and I do hope that it will be the same for you.

Here at DCH all volunteers who undertake placement work are well looked after by me and my staff. They are part of my extended family as you will be too.

You could be the difference that makes the difference in our children's lives.

If there is any other information or details that you require then please don't hesitate to contact me again.

Once again thank you so much for your help and thoughtfulness in wanting to help DCH

Alice Thomas

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